Anatomy of laboratory animals

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Eva Petrovová: Anatomy of laboratory animals

Veterinary morphology cannot be worked without comparative anatomy, because the scope of activities of veterinary practice requires anatomical knowledge of different vertebrate species. Due to the relatively large number of animal species used in the experiments, we selected just those laboratory species that are most commonly used in our conditions. Text of publication is written by body systems with a focus on specifics and differences of body composition by species of laboratory animals. This publication is designed for students of General Veterinary Medicine, but it can be used in another study programs as well.

Autor Eva Petrovová
Vydavateľ Univerzita veterinárskeho lekárstva a farmácie v Košiciach
Program Všeobecné veterinárske lekárstvo
Vydanie 1. vydanie, 2014
ISBN 978 - 80 - 8077 - 418 - 9
Počet strán 61

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