Legislatíva potravín a krmív

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Alena Nagyová, Peter Korim, Daniela Takáčová - Legislatíva potravín a krmív.

All knowledge and theory in biology has originated from observation and experiment. As a result, laboratory and fieldwork are important components of training and successful students develop a number of skills. Biology is a practical science. Practical work must be fully understood and effectively presented, but many students under-perform because they lack basic laboratory skills. This book help to provide students with easy-to-use guidance for laboratory and field studies, but in addition it covers broader transferable skills. The textbook „BIOLOGY – Practical Lessons” is designed for the students of the 1st year of General Veterinary Medicine at the UVMP in Kosice.

Autor Alena Nagyová, Peter Korim, Daniela Takáčová
Vydavateľ Univerzita veterinárskeho lekárstva a farmácie v Košiciach
Program Bezpečnosť krmív a potravín
Vydanie 1. vydanie, 2017
ISBN 978-80-8077-570-4
Počet strán 131

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