BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES a set of questions and answers for entrance exams

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Martin Tomko a kolektív, BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES a set of questions and answers for entrance exams. UVLF Košice, 2017, Vysokoškolská učebnica.

Publication Biological Sciences - a set of questions and answers for entrance exams - is primarily designed for students interested in studying General Veterinary Medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice, Slovakia, one out of 12 European veterinary higher educational institutions fully approved and accredited by EAEVE.

Authors of this publication are aware, that the extent of the high school education and the level of knowledge among high school graduates in Europe differ, however to succeed at entry exams a certain amount of knowledge must be set as a basic standard.

Our goal was to prepare an educational tool partially covering the high school Biological Sciences curricula, and to show to applicants the way, the form, and the content of biology entry exam tests at our university.

We strongly believe, the present set of questions can increase applicant’s chances not only to successfully complete the entry exams at our university, but to verify the level of their biology knowledge as well.

Autor Martin Tomko a kolektív
Vydavateľ Univerzita veterinárskeho lekárstva a farmácie v Košiciach
Program Všeobecné veterinárske lekárstvo
Vydanie 1. vydanie, 2017
ISBN 978-80-8077-527-8
Počet strán 87

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